I'm sorry @mpjgregoire but I think the truth has to come out...

Canada sucks for cheese.

Yes, you allow Kinder Eggs, like any other civilized nation, but you don't allow raw milk cheese.

And let's be honest, what's the point of all this French language packaging if you don't also allow real cheese in the country?

I found better cheese, and better cheese selection in NYC than I have in Vancouver.

But even if Montreal is better, still... no raw milk cheese. All seems pointless to me.

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@emacsen @mpjgregoire raw milk cheese is allowed in Canada¹, and is commonly available in Quebec²!

Raw *milk* is not allowed for sale, but _looks around furtively_ I invite you to inquire at any specialty espresso joint in Ontario or Quebec about the top-shelf dairy hookups baristas cultivate for competition use. There is a broad gulf between "technically not legal" and "can't get a euphorically delicious cappuccino"!




Can't help you with the #cheese situation; as @gnomon points out, raw milk #cheese is available in Canada, but not necessarily in #Vancouver. OTOH where you are the Chinese food is better than #Montréal, so it's not all bad.

Here's a link to a good Montréal cheese shop:

@emacsen @mpjgregoire My understanding is that Canada has a massive import tax on cheese products in order to supposedly help stimulate the Quebecois cheese market here.

So yeah, you're right... but also, we still do import some good stuff. Smoked gouda is my fav, and I do like queso iberico, but it's not hard to make homemade quejo fresco*.

* make sure you thoroughly drain the liquid.... I've never made it, but I've had it before with a little pimenta.

@Lofenyy @mpjgregoire

Canada has essentially a core restriction on any dairy products to support local dairy, but this is a bit different- it's a question of raw, ie unpasteurized cheese.

It's part of what makes European cheese so much better than cheese you can get in the US, for example.

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