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I find it exhausting that people will twist themselves in knots trying to justify Jew hate.

I was told today that I'm brave to speak up, but I speak up because I know so many Jews who are afraid to because they know that speaking up makes them a target.

The problem is that fear causes Jew hate to be met with silence confused for acceptance, and the cycle continues.

But I can't do this alone. I need other Jewish, and allied voices alongside mine.

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@error420 @emacsen speak up if someone makes a joke about jews, if someone says something anti-jewish. I think one needs to start at young age, so I'm a trainer at a chess club and if someone says something anti-gay, racist, or sexist I tell them in a passionate way why it is wrong. The same at work, most people just don't speak up and that's when it all starts.

@DeepKling @error420


The hardest part for me is apathy. The hardest part is the lonliness I feel when a university in Toronto bans kosher food and my gentile friends stay silent.

The hardest part is when a synagogue is shot up and gentiles don't say anything about ti.

I have a couple of really supportive friends on here who I won't tag, because I don't want them to be targeted, but trust me, I notice and it means the world.

So be an ally. Call it out. Support your Jewish friends.

@emacsen @error420 Kosher meat is a different story to me - religion has a cruel and intolerant side, too. Animals have rights and should be slaughtered quickly and with as less pain as possible. But other kosher food should of course be no problem.

@DeepKling @error420

I don't understand what you're saying.

Kosher slaughter is designed to kill the animal as quickly, and without pain.

@DeepKling @error420

Nor did those objecting to Kosher food object on behalf of any animal rights- they objected because Kosher food "supports Israel"

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