I love how the cats' selfishness leads to it being easier to deal with them.

When I had rats, if something happened to one rat, the others would be like "Oh no!" and hide, etc.

When I do something to one of the cats, like put them in a carrier or brush their teeth, the other one looks at them and you can tell they're thinking "Sucks to be you.", which makes picking the next cat up that much easier.

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@emacsen Oh well, 3 cats here, hold my tea. When you catch the first cat literally in seconds there will be no cats at all. Dunno what you're doing wrong.


Doing wrong? Sounds like I'm doing something right by having animals that are either:

a) Incredibly trusting of me that I wouldn't do something bad to them

b) Incredibly stupid to not realize that it's possible that they're next

These cats, which amazingly sweet, are not the brightest cats I've had.

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