One thing that bugs me is that NATO didn't include a common label between the US and Canada.

I know this would have been hard to do because of French language requirements, but there's so many products that are so simple but you just can't get here in Canada.

This is why so many Canadians have PO Boxes in the US, just to pick up small packages.

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Gotta use Point Roberts for something. Well that and getting US cereals too unhealthy to sell in Canada.


Yup indeed, that's exactly where most of the folks I know who have one, have one.

Do you need to go through the same Customs song-and-dance like you do at the Peace Arch?

We haven't made a Target/Costco run in Bellingham since before the pandemic (and when I was held/interrogated at the border).


Nope it's convenient. No lines most times and generally easy enough to get to especially from Richmond.


To clarify, there is a Customs check but it's very easy. One time we literally had boxes of Captain Crunch filling the backseat and stated that's why we visited. They nodded and let us back into Canada with little fuss.


I guess we still need to fill out ArriveCan before we return.

On that note, it seems ArriveCan is here permanently... they are replacing the kiosks with an app on your phone.

Because that's not dystopian.

@emacsen (I just have to know... what does NATO have to do with picking up packages in Canada? Is there a different NATO than the one I'm thinking of...?)

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