How the heck am I supposed to leave bed...


Aww. Pics (if you're comfortable).

Crispin, my male cat, is completely different. He loves to cuddle, but his idea of cuddling is that he must be either on his back like an infant, or he must sit on me. He purrs loudly and screeches, but he can only be touched on his head and face, nowhere else.

I love Crispin dearly, and his name is Crispin d'Familiar for a reason (that being he's my familiar) but having a neurodivergent cat is challenging sometimes.

@emacsen Aww, that’s still really adorable, but does sound like a challenge.

Leo does really love face pets, but he also lets me pet his belly with no attack reflex.

(He likes to lay in packing supplies, we were unpacking a shipment the day the second photo was taken.)

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