This bit of is very serious as it relates to , and .

Canada's ISPs have been ordered to block IPs at will by large privacy copyright holders- bypassing normal legal processes.

As anyone who has been subject to an automated copyright notice or Youtube copyright assertion can tell you- they're often flawed, but in this case it's not simply a take-down but shutting people out of being able to access parts of the whole Internet.

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One of the things that bothers me most about US politics is what I see here in Canada as well.

Someone may think everything should be privatized, including utilities.

Or one may think that utilities should be publicly owned.

When we see private ownership backed by the power of the government- it's the worst of both worlds.

It's what I saw working as a govt contractor. It's a big part of the problem with healthcare in the US. It's the public utilities. And it's a problem here.

@mpjgregoire @emacsen If you're lucky enough to have that option, TekSavvy is pretty good. But it's hard to say how long they can survive with this CRTC that for the past decade has seemed determined to slowly destroy the TPIA system that they and the other independent ISPs rely on.

@zudlig @emacsen It's almost as if it would be a good idea to reform #telecommunications law in Canada... Time for a #RoyalCommission !


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