"A new pro-Israel lobbying group has formed in NY State with the explicit intent to oppose NYC-DSA’s electoral campaigns, the first time a pro-Israel group has formed to solely influence state-level politics" (via @nycthorn@twitter.com) nytimes.com/2022/05/12/nyregio


With the explicit intent to oppose BDS and other antisemitism that's taken over the left in the US.

I don't know if it will help, but the status quo is unacceptable and the left hasn't addressed the situation sufficiently.

Perhaps this group will have a right wing bend. If so, that would be in line with what we're seeing from the right, which is an explicit courting of American Jewish voters.

The left needs to make itself welcoming to Jews again.



Let me be clear on this... As Americans go, I'm fairly left wing. I have made my politics clear many times and stand by them.

With that, the left is pushing Jews to the margins. They're supporting hate crimes against us, including violence and murder.

So when a right wing org comes up, the left needs to take action. It needs to rid itself of antisemitism so that Jews feel safe again. Jews have a long history with the left,. It's time for the left to step up for Jews.

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@emacsen as a Jew of Israeli heritage I have never felt *more* welcome than in the DSA, and in fact Jews makeup a large portion of its pro-Palestinian rights organizers. Opposition to the the policies of the Israeli government (or even anti-Zionism writ large) is not at all tantamount to anti-semitism. While there are certainly people that are both, it is far less common on the US left than in any other part of the political spectrum


Tangential, but I think very relevant...

What do you think of the recent string of rulings and calls for removal of Kosher food and defunding Hillel and asking/requiring Jewish students to pledge "anti-Zionism" in college campuses around the US and Canada?

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