Geeks under 35, do you use the word grok?

@emacsen I'm over 35 and I think it's outdated. We're beyond the phase of having our culture shaped by libertarian sci-fi authors. Look where that took us: billionaire nerds looking at sci-fi dystopias and going "yeah! that's the world I want to build! The tech is so cool — hey, as long as I'm the one in control of the panopticon it's all good right?"


I understand that viewpoint, but as someone who uses grok a great deal, and who used it even before reading SIASL, I disagree.

Words go beyond their original usage. Many words in English have their origin with Shakespere but we don't say "Oh that's just from that English author."- they're just words we use.

And shared stories especially, those are really the center of culture.

As for dystopian and panopticon, etc. I genuinely don't know what it is you mean here. Maybe elaborate?

@emacsen I learned it before learning about the book too. But over time I started connecting the dots between early Unix culture, words from libertarian sci-fi being used as ingroup identifiers, people like ESR promoting themselves and a particular spin on Unix culture (see: his edits to the Jargon File), etc. These things feed into each other. I see breaking with that language as a way to break that loop.

@emacsen As for the dystopia/panopticon bit, that was about how people like John Carmack — himself a staunch libertarian — justifies working for Zuckerberg on VR out of his fascination for virtual worlds described in sci-fi, and Zuckerberg himself, the owner of the modern-day panopticon of the Western world, going all in on the "metaverse".

It's like the saying goes: "Orwell's 1984 was supposed to be a warning, not a manual", only their manual is "Snow Crash".



As much as I don't like Heinlein, I don't think we can call Stranger in a Strange Land a dystopia, unless you have *really* strong negative feelings about polyamory.

..and martians.

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@emacsen just to clarify, I wasn't referring to that one in particular, but talking more broadly about the links between sci-fi and tech culture.

@hisham_hm @emacsen I like grok and I'm over 35... I think it's fine. Metaverse being coopted makes my blood boil though. Esp ironic given the initial context was rather dystopian, and now we have life imitating art except more banal.

"Senator, we sell ads!". The future will be monetized.

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