I am trying to build this static site. I am trying to use Gitlab pages, which uses Gitlab's CI/CD pipeline.

I'm getting an error in my build, so I want to run it locally vs sending every change to gitlab to test.

gitlab-runner exists, but not for this OS version right now


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@emacsen I have created many types of static sites with, #pelican is really easy to get published and started. I don't use pipelines are just script a script and can even use cron.


I appreciate that, and I usually use Pelican, but this site is already done, and doing it all from scratch would be a major undertaking.

If you're offering, pls msg me directly and we can talk :)


Very cool. Will check out. Not really applicable for this project as it's part of a company, but cool indeed.

@emacsen This is such a common pattern for many cloud offerings unfortunately, no matter if it's the cloud provider itself or run-your-software-somewhere-else-solutions like CI platforms… The best reason to implement these systems incompatible with existing standards (nothing-is-a-file, nothing-is-a-shell) that comes to my mind is literally leverage, to make software opaque, almost impossible to inspect, and increase lock-in.

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