My wife got a new computer...

Microsoft: "You don't need to do this... we can make it work..."

@emacsen Their pleas to use Edge appear to be getting increasingly desperate.

@emacsen Heh yeah. Don't even need to watch that video because I remember the episode.

@freakazoid @emacsen
It *almost* looks like:
Download Firefox - the safer, faster way to browse the web
Warning: fact checkers say this claim [Lacks Context] - learn more

@freakazoid @emacsen Honestly, this one is pretty normal. Google tries to sell you chrome when you search from other browsers, too.

The shit where is advertises itself in the OS and gets special privileges over other browsers in making the browser default, that's infuriating

@nordern @emacsen All part of the war on general purpose computing. I wouldn't even use Windows if it weren't for a few pieces of software I want to run that don't run on Linux. This will probably be my last gaming PC, though.

@freakazoid @emacsen Kind of strange things to say together. Every other piece of gaming tech I can think of is far worse in regards to general purpose computing.

Except maybe the steam deck, but that comes at a performance cost

@nordern @emacsen I didn’t mean that I will be switching to consoles. Just giving up on Windows gaming.

@emacsen I wish there was a button that makes the edge cry if you choose to install firefox.. sounds like something M$ would do


On the other hand, she is looking for a browser using ''... So what do you expect?

@ParadeGrotesque @emacsen cue typing in the edge address bar and being sent to a Bing search that explains you don't need other search engines.

@ParadeGrotesque @emacsen It is the default search engine of the default browser of a fresh Windows installation.

@cjk @emacsen

I found if you install Ublock Origin on Edge *before* any other browsers this doesn't seem to appear (which hints that Edge built the nag message into their own adtech platform!)

@emacsen install her fcking windowsfx and delete shitty win10/11 . pls. better for her ...


My wife is a developer with at least 20 years experience, nearly as much as me.

She has a Linux box (that she admittedly doesn't use much) but she is fully aware of the options.

But even if none of this were true, it would be highly inappropriate for me to take her computing options away. She's an adult and can make her own informed decisions, the same as I can.


Genuine question, and I'm not exepecting an answer but something to think about...

If she'd have been a man, instead of a woman, would you have made the same suggestion of doing something on her computer because it's essentially "for her own good"?

I could be wrong but my experience is we don't talk about men this way, but folks (even other women) are quick to take women's autonomy away.

I react very strongly to that stuff.

@emacsen @hacknorris Absolutely. It’s condescending, and sometimes, the software that you absolutely need to run won’t run under Linux, the alternatives are unacceptable, and a VM isn’t worth it.

I think I would call support and bother them for some 45 minutes asking stupid questions :-)

@emacsen wondering that they don't filter the results. desperate they are.

@ghostdancer @emacsen Only microsoft-edge:// links are effected, so be careful to open websites from e.g. an application's help menu. But actually: Winds of change, to Linux.

@emacsen This propaganda is working. My friends recalls his professor who tried to convince his whole class to use Edge because it had TTS.

@emacsen but why would you want to use Firefox. It is really bloated.

If you really want FOSS, then I’d say #waterfox is a better option.

@louisrcouture @emacsen I‘d go for librewolf and disable automatic deletion of cookies after every session for comfortable daily use.


You didn't suggest that I install it against her will, but the same applies:

Someone might want to hit them with an anti-trust claim.

On the other hand, i must admit that i sometimes use Edge. Even on Linux. Because i can. Nobody should install Linux against their will. Or Windows. Or any OS, everyone can be content with what they have.

@emacsen damn lmao. It reminds me of a particularly pathetic billboard a then-unpopular party once put up in Toronto during a by-election campaign: "We've Changed."

@emacsen I remember that when I was setting up my laptop. I had to set it up twice because the only way to set it up without the microsoft store having a say in what I download on my own computer, I had to set it up with no internet connection.

@calmdowngirl @emacsen it probably isn't. They were already sued once over promoting IE too much and not giving people enough choice. They were fined and ordered to add a window with a randomized list of browsers to choose from.

How is this not a monopolistic behaviour? How is it that EU authorities are not fining Microsoft's for this?

@emacsen I wonder how it would react to search for a Linux distro. I would expect a tell about WSL then;)

@emacsen if there was ever a visual definition of "shameless," this would be it

@tdelmas @emacsen

> You can't download Chrome from Edge anymore

The one thing it was useful for, and now it doesn't even do that.

Schon krass! Bing ist als Suchmaschine für mich jetzt raus. Ergebnisse mit Anspruch auf Objektivität sind anscheinend nicht zu erwarten.
Ich habe sehr gute Erfahrungen mit der Meta Suchmaschine #metager . Die nutzt zwar neben anderen Datenbanken auch Bing, aber ordent die Suchergebnisse nach anderen Kriterien.

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