Once again I want to interact with my org-mode files remotely and once again I'm reminded that as awesome as org-mode is,. there's no really good way to do this.

The best I've come up with is to store them on some sort of shared storage and have a web server that interacts with them, while hoping and praying that every aspect of this syncs and merges correctly.

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@emacsen hm, I commit them to git and have a hook to sync back and forth. It’s surprising how well it works, tbh. (And best of all, it’s usable on iOS too, with plain org and working copy)


Sometimes I want to add a todo and I want to just text myself something. I imagine an interface like:

TODO Walk the dog


LINK A page about foo

and then it treats the contents as if I've done an org-capture.

I don't know of any sane way of doing this.

@emacsen mmh that would be really nice. My iOS workflow is really a multi step process that is definitely not as streamlined as org-capture /:

@antifuchs @emacsen I capture things in orgzly. Used to use syncthing to sync, but too complicated. Probably moving to termux on phone with ssh server mounting phone files with sshfs and just rsync to sync. Ok, maybe not simple either.....

@eludom @antifuchs

The problem is file "ownership" becomes tricky in Emacs, because it's relying on the POSIX underlay.

But also... orgzly is "ok". I just want to be able to do simple captures without a lot of interface nonsense. A text message would be ideal, as I mentioned in another reply.

But also, org isn't formally specified yet, so it's hard for other libraries to be guaranteed to work.

@emacsen @antifuchs sounds like some sort of text-to-email gateway is what you want. Then have offlineimap or friend slurp it down and shove into an .org file.

@emacsen Me I use git for this.

It was my first non-work related use of git, actually... history starts Sun May 9 20:41:46 2010

@emacsen (and some of the TODOs from that initial commit are still present and still not DONE...)

@emacsen I used to use unison for this back in the day:
not flawless but pretty good.


I think a lot of folks are missing the idea.

The question isn't "Can I sync files?"- that's a (partly) solved problem.

The problem is that there's a lot of complication around that- Emacs doesn't re-load buffers automatically, and there are problems when two processes access a file at the same time.

There's no OT or CRDT of these files, and there's not even a formal org-mode spec.

@emacsen oh sure, i feel that. emacs feels like a good candidate for crdt-ification since it has good places you could hook in and actually operate reliably on buffers. hmm.


I've been thinking about my personal workflow. While I love Emacs, I don't always have a computer in front of me.

I'd love to be able to interact with my org-mode to do things like create todo items, create links in my org-roam, etc. from things like a chat interface, or maybe from a FLOSS voice-controlled application such as the mycroft.

Maybe I could even write the elisp to do this, but even if I can, I still need to deal with the fact there will be open buffers on multiple hosts.

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