ranty, humor (sort of) 

@crakdown @roipoussiere

If I ever think for a moment that I could catch up to my 40 years of not speaking French anymore, "top"- is that an adjective in French now?

Why not put it in verlan and then it can be "pot"... then it can be even harder to understand....

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ranty, humor (sort of) 

@emacsen @roipoussiere Sorry to say what I think about this object in my mother tongue.
Yes "top" is a common word today and people who often speak French will understand this.
I dont't understand why I must write "pot" instead of "top" but why not.

C'est vraiment pot 😍

Have a good day

ranty, humor (sort of) 

@crakdown @roipoussiere

You may not be aware, but I'm Parisian, I just don't have virtually any French anymore. I'm very non-fluent :(

I was joking that if French has verlan, and French is borrowing English words (though in an odd way) and I know that Verlan-of-English words is a thing, why not make it even more confusing :)

Top (as used there) is not English, nor is "Pressing" or other "words in English" that appear in French.

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