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It's not FLOSS at all, and these licenses are all dangerous.

Please don't use or promote them.

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@emacsen @ebel @jollyrogue When I was reading the ethical licenses I was thinking "this doesn't seem very ethical".

For instance, a license which compels you to obey labour laws in your area. Often the labour laws are not that great, having been comprehensively trashed by successive administrations over decades. Strictly observing the labour laws may require you to do unethical things, such as opposing strikes which the government does not approve of or has declared to be an "illegal gathering". It may require you to inform authorities about unauthorized protests, and so on.

@emacsen @jollyrogue Correct, “Ethical Source” isn't FLOSS, and they don't say that. Personally I promote & use AGPL, not an ethical source licence.

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