This blog entry on Syncthing mirrors my own experiences using it recently (in the last week).

And gosh does this blog have a great presentation style!

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@emacsen jup, same experience here. SyncThing is simply great.


My wife and I often exchange documents, and we use Nextcloud for folders, and it's a pain in the butt.

For single documents, we use Signal, and that feels weird too. I hope SyncThing will be a better fit for most of our needs.

Then we can still use Nextcloud for external documents we need to share with others.

@emacsen My wife and I have a shared „Documents“ folder synchronized via SyncThing. When mail arrives I scan it and put it into the folder. It just works[tm], everybody just has access to all mail, no hassle.


I use it to move pictures and videos from my phone t omy computers

it's great !

@emacsen it’s by the person who did the delightful Fira Code font sets.

@emacsen Syncthing is one of my favorite piece of software ever tbh

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