antisemitism, canpol 

It seems that University of Toronto is actively trying to keep Jews off campus by making Jewish students and Jewish vendors sign a "loyalty pledge".

This kind of sickening stuff is why I feel so tentative about feeling safe in Canada.

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antisemitism, canpol 

Based on the request from my wife, I've decided to take the weekend off from any antisemitic news.

Sadly came back to my Mastodon to see some asshole comment "How is this antisemitic? Jews, especially Israelis, commit genocide"

Yeah... how is it antisemitic to say Jews commit genocide....

We 1000% need better tooling around hate speech on the Fediverse.

How is this anti-Semitic? Jews, Israel in particular, commits genocide against a Semitic people, the Palestinians, on an ongoing basis.

antisemitism, canpol 

@emacsen that’s an annoying start to the weekend …

I’m not sure I can still count that under just not understanding.

antisemitism, canpol 


No, and it's from a "free speech instance"

..I'm thinking about ways to efficiently block known bad instances. This wouldn't fix everything, but it would slow things down a bit.

The problem is that I don't want to necessarily check every HTTP request, or necessarily start messing with the IP tables of the host.

But looking at Mastodon's signature verification controller:

It looks easy enough to write one based on DNS or other lookups.

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