Non-Jews, without looking it up, do you know what the actual definition of Zionist is?

@emacsen I mean, it varies depending on who you're talking to and what time period of history you're looking at? Noam Chomsky once said that his opinions put him firmly on the Zionist side of the line in the 60s but firmly on the anti-Zionist side now (or something)

@emacsen Sorry, 1947, not the 60s. Full quote: "I was deeply interested in ... Zionist affairs and activities – or what was then called 'Zionist,' though the same ideas and concerns are now called 'anti-Zionist.' I was interested in socialist, binationalist options for Palestine, and in the kibbutzim and the whole cooperative labor system that had developed in the Jewish settlement there (the Yishuv) ... The vague ideas I had at the time [1947] were to go to Palestine, perhaps to a kibbutz, to try to become involved in efforts at Arab-Jewish cooperation within a socialist framework, opposed to the deeply antidemocratic concept of a Jewish state (a position that was considered well within the mainstream of Zionism)."

Also I believe that the World Zionist Congress only decided that a nation state was their only option (as opposed to some sort of non-state Jewish community in Eretz Yisrael) in the early 20th century, although I suppose Herzl fairly obviously wanted a state from the off.



Feel free to click "Yes" and move on. :)

I'm not really interested in a debate on the topic.

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