@michal Did you write this article?

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I wish the author had been a bit more reserved. You could make many of the same arguments he made about Matrix towards XMPP. Bridges are also not a good reason to switch- they're brittle! And Matrix has had issues in the past with its crypto, and also with identity servers.

I think what all these things need is what Signal offers- a simple installer that asks you no questions. No finding a provider and setting everything up- just click and done.

You know what did that? @briar

@emacsen @michal @briar
Briar is a bad example here:
1. It's not a protocol, it's an app (you can't find N briar client apps)
2. it's not federated (centralization = 1 server for all users, federation = a lot of small servers with some users, peer2peer = each users is a server)
3. It's not usable for automation tools (try to get RSS in briar or send an alert from zabbix when something wrong going on)


1. I don't think you can distinguish between a protocol and an app if the app's protocol is well documented and or standardized

2. That's a mechanism, and it's addressing the article's stated goals

3. Why would "try to get RSS in briar" a problem? I don't understand how the design would prevent this.

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