Does anyone have any experience with paid Mastodon hosting?

I'm specifically thinking about issues with or experience with DDOS protection.

Boosts welcome!

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Alternatively, I could simply create a dropbox host with Cloudflare.

I know people don't love Cloudflare- I'm not super keen on it, but if the alternative is a DDOS, I'd rather have a functional instance.

@emacsen what do you mean by Dropbox host?

I'm using the free ampere VPS in Oracle cloud to host my instance. It has 24GB of RAM for free, so far... I don't imagine it will last.

I think I had a brainfart. I meant digitalocean.

@BollerwagenPicard @Stuxhost

Does Stuxhost do managed Mastodon? I know they do managed Nextcloud.

@trebach @stux @BollerwagenPicard @Stuxhost

Sounds good. :)

Reiterating- I need a Mastodon instance that's managed, backed up, keep current with patches, etc. and has DDOS protection (probably through a CDN- but this would be managed by the provider).

@emacsen @trebach @BollerwagenPicard @Stuxhost

We can do this for sure! :blobcathearts: We manage a few instances this way including updates, cleaups, DDoS protection etc 💪

Please send me a DM for more info :blobcathearts:

I am using paid hosting for several years and I am totally happy with it.

@emacsen Hi, @hugo is offering a nice service, we use and are very pleased :-)

@emacsen Hello,

You can see here the infrastructure of

The DDOS protection is the one included on all services by OVH, the company that houses all my servers for

If you have any questions or if I can help with something feel free to ping me.

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