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Latest Ladino music I'm listening to:

It's fascinating to me because it's from the Balkins, and yes it's Judaeo-Spanish, but it's also clearly Eastern European in the tonality and the way the song (prayer) is chanted.

I have not really heard much of the Eastern European Sephardi Jews before.

It's absolutely haunting and you can hear so many elements in it of different groups and styles.


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religion, judaism, ladino, music 


it's hypnotizing

In fact, not being jewish myself, I think I can recognize some arabian traits (a common Spanish heritage)

I think I listened to something similar in Cairo, Egypt

As for the distinction between Sephardi and Ashkenazi, I don't catch it

In fact I hear a resemblance with some music by Moni Ovadia, who uses Ashkenazi materials in his shows

religion, judaism, ladino, music 


Yes, there are Arabic traits, as well as some possible North African. These old cultures are old :)

I knew the Sephardim lived in modern day Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, but I didn't realize they lived in the Balkins.

For me, it's a real discovery, as I didn't know almost anything about the Sephardi until I met my wife!

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