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While I'd love to use Guix universally, right now I'm using docker-compose to manage many services.

I think I'll want to replace them with podman pods as an intermediate step....

I saw podman-compose:

Mentioned here:

Does anyone have experience with it?

And then I guess I need a Kubernetes-like environment such as k3 or minicube?

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sys-admin, docker, podman 

@emacsen guix doesn't have something like NixOS' `oci-image` function?

sys-admin, docker, podman 

@emacsen I've seen it in use at our company. It seems to work fine with minor issues in a regular docker world.

I don't think it has any special stuff needed like Kubernetes, but I can ask if you'd like.

sys-admin, docker, podman 


I'd love that. There are some more complex parts of my setup that I'd need to move, namely my use of

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