Whistleblowing can be useful in terms of public education, but it's not the case that whistleblowing will make people with power - or their entourage of bootlickers - see the error of their ways and implement changes from the top down. #ShowerThoughts




Whistleblowing only works when a citizenry is engaged and empowered to change the situation.

If they're demotivated, disengaged or too disillusioned, then nothing will happen.

If not the whistleblower but the citizenry they're kept down by fear, then the same will happen.

A healthy democracy needs engaged, informed and free citizens to stand up to power and to hold people accountable for their actions.

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@emacsen @bob where my wife worked they closed the whistleblower department because in all these years nobody ever came forward with stuff, as all saw in the press how this is a career ending move. A trap.

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