Hey fellow #Android users, could you give me some (preferably open source, but I'm not super picky) app recommendations? I am looking for a timer app that would allow me to set predefined timers, rather than having to set everything up each time, as you have in the built in Clock app.
Basically, I am looking for something like Cuppa ( f-droid.org/en/packages/com.na (, except that you can't add new recipes to that one, just edit existing ones. I don't even know why, since there's more teas out there than herbal, green and black, but oh well.



Oh wow I'd love this too! Please reply to this with an answer you find.

I'm looking for a pre-defined timer to make it easier for me to do intermittent fasting- so I can have an 8, 6, and 4 hour window that I can start when I need!

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@emacsen Will do!
For my case, I've realized I could maybe re-purpose one of the many workout timers out there for what I'd like. So if I find nothing better, I'll test some of those, and let you know if any would work for us.

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