Meh. I have some anxiety riding. No identifiable reason, just the feeling is rising. I think just having someone say hi back helps, so thank you :)

@emacsen it's a stroopwafel


The trick is to put it on a cup of hot coffee so the steam melts the caramel between the two layers and lets the cinnamon aroma really stretch its wings.

I hope you get to try one sometime. It's a very special treat.


I know what a stroopwafel is. :)

When I worked with Martijn van Exel on OSM, he told me once that he considered starting a stoopwafel stand.

I was actually asking about the liquid, or liquid + wafel. It wasn't in a coffee cup, so I wasn't sure if it was coffee!

As for trying it... it's a little tricky. I'm gluten intolerant, and also fructose intolerant. If I eat sugar, it's a bit like a person who is lactose intolerant, but I will try to find one and maybe make the sacrifice!

@emacsen ah, beg your pardon about that, I missed your point! I sometimes make my coffee in a glass mug (or a double-walled steel camp cup, if I'm aiming to keep it hot for longer). It's just the right size and liquid capacity for an Aeropress.

Oh I didn't know about the fructose intolerance! I'll keep that in mind. Sorry, I didn't mean to taunt you.

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