gotta love car dealerships. got told by a salesperson that I'd have my truck by the end of June, haven't heard any updates in a month despite being told I would get updates, then when I ask they say it's coming in at the end of July.



The same thing happened to us. The salesman said end of June. I called two days ago, now he's saying first or second week of July.

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@emacsen buying a car is one of my most hated experiences


I'd never done it before (I don't have a driver's license, this is for my wife). I spent months reading articles, watching videos, learning specific terms about cars, factory ordering, and so on and so on.

Ultimately because of the chip shortage and the car we wanting being in such high demand, there really was no wiggle room. I negotiated $250 off MSRP. I could have asked for more, perhaps, but it would have been hours for almost no substantial benefit.


The salesman even told me, if I was looking at different model, he would have 100% negotiated with me, thousands of dollars off the price, and he even complimented me on my negotiation skills, including knowing all the terms for the salesman tricks that they use, and even dealership skills.

He wanted to know if I had a background in sales and or cars.

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