Thankfully, and by the most narrow of margins, a Black Jewish Woman is able to keep her position as leader of the Green Party of Canada, despite attacks from opposition trying to drive wedge issues (primarily around her Judaism) and oust her from power.


@emacsen Are you suggesting opposition to Ms. Paul has been fomented by groups external to the #GreenParty ? It wouldn't be the first time the #Liberals have tried to kneecap an opposing leader.





I don't know the Liberal party enough to say that.

The more complex issue is that far left parties tend to be antisemitic, such as Labor in the UK, and that has affected Annamie Paul before.

With the rise in antisemitism in Canada over the last few weeks, this was probably considered by her opponents to be a good opportunity to try to tear her down.

There are other issues as well- more nuanced and complex ones, but this is my broad strokes analysis.

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@emacsen @mpjgregoire So you're one of those folks that describes accurately terming Israel's morally repugnant actions "antisemitism" eh?
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