A lot of people talk about being ADHD, but fewer talk about being learning disabled. I'm ADHD, Learning Disabled and also "Gifted" (which just means I have a high IQ in spots).

The problem is when I don't 100% get something, I can be stuck on it, and then anxiety kicks in and it can get me very stuck for an extended period, as it is right now as I'm debugging some code I wrote months ago, but was apparently broken.

Bigger than the bug is the anxiety of it being broken and me not fixing it.

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@emacsen You’re moving a lot and pushing cool things forward while others waste time in idle chat — no need to feel bad.


Not even if you do decide to spend time in idle chat.

Bugs happen. And some persist until one finds the mind for fixing them.

That’s OK.

We as humans aren’t strongest, when we’re all the same grey mass, but when we manage to combine our strengths and compensate each others weaknesses.

Take care of yourself.



Thanks. I really appreciate it.

I just found out several of the tests I had for the stuff I had worked on months ago failed but in ways I didn't notice. So it's back to testing each component.

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