I feel like I'm really starting to understand this roam/org-roam/hyberbole mentality, but it's such a change from how I've thought of things in the past that I need some time to process how to use it in my daily life.

The idea is to basically "just write" and then let the system structure the notes. This is useful as I learn things or start writing ideas out.

@emacsen i'm really excited that the vscode integrated Foam "Zettelkasten" notes program has decided to become very API centric.

really looking forward to seeing what happens when the second brain has a lot of hooks for programs to interface with it!

described somewhat in jevakallio.github.io/notes/foa & still underway



This is a nice description. I wouldn't use VS Code, but I can see that some might.

What I really like in Emacs is the ability to do org-capture, which lets me keep my current flow. What I realized is that this is what the roam people are all about- letting you write something down.

What's not clear to me is "Now what?"- I read about these ideas of short term and long term notes, etc and that's a bit confusing to me.

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