I know a number of folks on the Fediverse have depression or other mental struggles.

What about something like a reverse tamagotchi that does things like remind you to take your medication and remind you of how great you are. In order to keep it healthy and grow, you need to acknowledge it and do what it asks.

Is this a crazy idea?


The idea is that it would function nearly identically to a normal tamagotchi, except that by doing its suggestions, it thrives if you thrive.

It could even be based on something like alojzjakob.github.io/Tamaguino

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@emacsen I expect for daily reminders most people will use other things - like the clock app on Android - but it's not a bad idea.

You could perhaps define a format for the tamagotchi and then have them customisable as a sort of plugin.

Also as per clippy, there could be a fine line between helpful and irritating. So long as the user is always in control it would be ok though.


According to a friend, this apparently already exists.

But my thought was to externalize self-care, essentially.

@emacsen I read a Tumblr post roughly: pretend you're a demon possessing a human body, and you want to stay out of hell as long as possible. Do the things that keep your human body as healthy and fit as possible.

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