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There's a lot of complexity for progressive Jews such as myself- who believe in social justice, who deeply oppose the right wing government that has been at power (while not a majority) in Israel for two decades, and at the same time knowing the lessons of history, knowing that we aren't safe, that we deserve self-determination.

I believe in Israel, even as I deeply disagree with its policies, just as I believe in the United States while being devastated by Bush and Trump.



judaism, politics 

Someone I used to work with even told me that had to not talk about my identity, my race and my religion. These social pressures Jews face is real and serious.

And now many younger Jews are repeating the left's denunciation of Israel, and even policies that call for the destruction of the country, based largely on social pressures and acceptance.

I understand that desire to fit in and be accepted, but I don't feel I have that luxury when my safety is at stake.


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judaism, politics 

And for the reasons above, I empathize with the author of this piece on why young Jews are denouncing "Zionism"- a term that has been (as of late) misunderstood and used as a slur for those of us who believe in Israel's right to exist.

I don't agree with everything the author says about young Jews, but I share her frustration with the ignorance that these younger folks are showing.


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