Has anyone experimented with making skills ala @mycroft or similar, but using a chat interface instead, such as XMPP rather than voice recognition?

I feel like many tasks I need to context switch for could be done more easily through a textual interface, such as:

"Add to todo, 'buy milk'"

'Schedule haircut at 2pm on Tuesday'

I'm looking for something to allow me to keep flow and then I'd modify later to be more correct.

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@emacsen @mycroft I use emacs org-capture for such. C-F12 l → file TODO later
also: o → schedule one-time-task
and: i → TODO immediately (create task and clock in)

If you use KDE, you can make a global shortcut that calls emacsclient.


I use org-capture too, but then I wonder "Can I automate one more step of this?" perhaps the answer is org-capture is enough...

@emacsen org capture can do a lot. Even %(shell-command-to-string "cd ~/Downloads/standup-from-jira; python3")


The other situation that happens is sometimes I'm out and org-capture is too heavy, as I've yet to find a *nice* mobile org solution.

I'd love if I could send a text message to a system to do it for me. What I do now is text myself for later.

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