It seems that the US and Canada have not come to an agreement about the border.

Trudeau wants to keep the border closed until 75% of Canadians are vaccinated and the US is saying it's time now, as there is wide vaccine availability and adoption.

The US is going to open the land border with Canada unilaterally on June 22nd. Americans and Canadians will be able to enter the US from Canada, but the Canadian side will still be closed.

I'll give my personal take in the reply..


It's a tricky situation. Several provinces are under some fairly strict lockdown procedures, including BC, where we can't even travel outside of the city without an essential reason.

At the same time, the liberal party in Canada is extremely anti-American and I believe this is playing a part in the border closure.

Opening the border on the US side is a way to excerpt soft power, as well as give the US an economic boost.

Economic argument in the following message.



Early on I was like "Screw the economics, this is life and death!" but now all adult Canadians have access to the vaccine in Canada, which means the risk of hospitalization or death is very low, and will be lower in a month's time.

If the US keeps going and, for example, signs the bill bypassing BC for cruise ships, that alone will have a $2B USD impact on Canada.

I don't think that waiting much longer is a good idea. Not thinking about it will arm Doug Ford, and that's a bad thing.

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@emacsen Are you sure that this is actually happening? The last I heard about the border, both sides were planning to keep it closed until June 21st. A quick scan of the news doesn't show me anything about unilateral action by the Biden Administration.

Regarding BC cruise ships, while BC might be bypassed temporarily, there are too many vested interests supporting the Jones Act for that change to become permanent.

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I'm not sure. I read it in a paper I'm not familiar with but seems legitimate as a news source

Analysis I've read says that it's as likely to be a rumor as not, with some saying the paper is very small, and others saying it's such a small town that everyone talks.

Either way I will likely need to fly back to the US in the next few months anyway. I'd love to avoid the hotel + 2 week quarantine. I've been vaccinated for months.


@mpjgregoire If I could, I'd edit the original post. I'd read multiple reports, but I didn't realize they all had the same "source", if that makes sense.

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