So many dreams last night. Dreams about the Food Theory channel, about Casio watches, but my favorite was about a dream I had where I was talking to @davidrevoy over IRC about this website where people would try to reduce their carbon footprint while traveling, for example by taking the train instead of flying, flying to a nearby city instead of going directly. People would rack up points.

Awake, this actually sounds like a bad idea, but in the dream it was pretty cool!

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@emacsen Haha, nice. But I doubt I would be the best choice to discuss this topic in reality; I have no expertize in transportation. 🤣



No, it was a strange dream and entirely impractical. It was only popular with folks who do things like contribute to OpenStreetMap, but in practice it was very wasteful, time-wise, with people taking extra days to bike or take the train to a far off destination.


@davidrevoy @emacsen you've got some experience with personal flight via broom :)

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