I've found that no tool (not even an Emacs mode) makes the type of daily planning I do simple/straightforward.

My choices are therefore to write one, or to just keep doing what I've been doing and use a partially analog system.

The benefits of writing down my schedule every day and writing out certain tasks in the morning is also meditative, so I see no reason to spend time coding it.

In case anyone is curious, my daily system is that I have a running todo list ala the Cycle System- which I've been using for well over a decade (maybe 15 years?) and then I also have Time Blocks, that is time I set aside for certain tasks that require deep focus.

The todo list is managed in org-mode, but I haven't found a representation of Time Blocks on the computer that I find is faster or easier to use than writing it out.


The downside of my system is that I have my daily planner out all the time, but I still go to the computer for calendar events , and I still have to transcribe todo items.

My longer term task todo management is lacking. I'm currently using Personal Kanban for those items.

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