I've been looking up new words and their roots, I wanted to find the root for volapukajxo, meaning "nonsense" or "gibberish" and I couldn't find it, All I found was "Volapük" so I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Turns out it was another conlang from the same era.


It would be like if Linux had an error message saying "Kernel BSDed".


@emacsen in retaliation i am coining a new volapük word lesperantik, meaning "having too many consonant clusters for its intended purpose"


@emacsen [in case this came across as a "your thing sucks", perhaps i should clarify that i think esperanto and volapük are both cool, even if neither succeeds very well at their intended goal of being easy to learn for everyone]


@emacsen I think some other languages is it to describe a bad sound or something.

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