I'm anxious to announce this but I've decided that I need to get serious about two anxieties in my life. One of them is not being bilingual and the other is not knowing how to drive (and not having driven for 23 years).

I'll work on the driving when we have a car and it's safer to be around strangers, but I was inspired by this youtube video on language learning:

And I've downloaded Anki. I'll go back to Esperanto for now, because I kinda still love it. :)

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@emacsen I learned to drive about two years ago and it still scares me! (I still get extremely anxious on the highway so I'll go way out of my way to avoid it.) So you are not the only adult learner out there.

@mindspillage thank you for opening up. It genuinely makes me feel better

@emacsen @mindspillage My partner has a license but does not drive. It's totally doable in the context of our lives. Like, maybe driving lessons will happen at some point or maybe not. So yeah you are in excellent company!

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