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I need some docker orchestration, but Kubernetes scares me. Alternatives I've seen are Nomad, K8, K3, and Simplenetes.

Does anyone have experience with any of them or any other lightweight orchestration solution for <10 hosts?

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Sorry I put k3s as k8 (kubernetes itsef) twice, and then it's listed twice.

Point is, easy orchestration that works :)

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@emacsen I assume you considered good old docker-compose and it does not fit your use-case?

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@rysiek Docker-compose doesnt' work across hosts.

I didn't mention Docker Swarm, which is also on my evaluate list.

@miklo @rysiek

I'd taken Swarm off my eval list, but maybe it's the right tool for the job...

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Dumb question, but isn't k8s the same as kubernetes?

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