This is just a feeler for now, but would people be interested in helping organize a Free Culture conference online?

If so, could you drop me a line?

@emacsen I have no spare capacity to organize a conf, but I think this is the kind of thing I would attend!

@emacsen I don't know what a "Free Culture Conference" would be, or consist of, or what it would offer me, or what I could offer it.

If all you have is an idle thought, then thinking out loud could help get people engaged.


I have more than an idle thought. This is an issue I care deeply about, but is often not discussed in our community.

It would ideally consist of talks on a variety of Free Culture topics- from artists, musicians, writers, to folks from organizations like Creative Common, Wikipedia, and others. People talking about art, licenses, software, diversity.

This is a huge topic with lots of intersectionality.

@emacsen This might just be me, and I might not bee in your intended audience, but you're using the term "Free Culture" in a way that feels deliberate and specific, but I don't know what you actually mean.

If you feel like you're communicating effectively to and with your intended audience then that's fine and you should ignore me, but I thought I'd flag it up to give you a moment's pause, in case it matters, but you didn't realise.


I appreciate the feedback! I'm using the terms as I'm most familiar with it from


You're right that I'm aiming towards a specific audience, but I also want to expand that audience. Do you have ideas on how I could do that?

@emacsen I have various thoughts, although I'm not sure how actionable they would be, and whether they would achieve what you want. But there's a general thing about giving a talk, writing an article, etc., which basically says that it should always be constructed like a magic trick:

* Hook
* Narrative
* Reveal.

When you write something that people will read, you need to hook them into wanting to know more.

So ...

@emacsen ... why should people care? What can you promise them? What will they get? What will you trust them with? Why would they give their time, attention, work, or money?

So when you want people to become engaged in your activity, you need to start thinking about things from the point of view of ...

"You have 5 seconds of my attention ... why would I give you more?"

(I'm producing a stream-of-consciousness here ... not sure it's helpful.)

@emacsen You don't want everyone's attention, just those who will enrich your community. What will get their attention?

I can't answer that, but maybe it's a question to ask the existing community to get their thoughts.

I have *no* answers, but I hope these thoughts are useful.


I love free culture and the amount of joy and culture it fosters.

I do not see a chance for conferences offline right now. So yes I would help a little bit.

@captain @Truck

Free Culture is a term for works that are Free as in Freedom ( ) but are not "functional"- so not software or design plans, but instead are things like books, music, movies, things like that.

@emacsen I don't know how I could help but it sounds cool, I'd be interested.
@captain Seems like your music stuff would fall under that, maybe you could DJ :)
@admin @emacsen

Emacsen, they’re referring to , a music site I encourage musical artists and podcasters to upload their work to


I'll be sure to tag you in a few weeks when I have something concrete!

@emacsen I don't have any time to help organize, but if it happens, I might have a talk to propose.


Cool! I'll be sure to ping you when things get to that stage!

@emacsen I would like to give a talk on open source music (where the "source code" is understood to be a machine-readable score), the tools and the challenges.


Awesome! I think we'll have a pretty broad talk submission policy. Right now I just want to see who might want to be involved in the organizing (the technology, talk submissions, etc.)

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