In the sci-fi book Child of Fortune, young adults are sent off on an adventure, during which they change new name (a "freenom"). Some even change names once or twice before settling on a final one.

Trans people change names to find a name that aligns with their gender. I've also seen trans folks change names more than once.

I'm wondering if having a Freenom should be the norm for everyone or if doing so is co-opting something that is a necessity for trans folks and is special for them?

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Can you pleas elaborate?
Are you asking should name changing be a trans only thing?


I know everyone has the ability to do a name change, but it can be complex and expensive.

When we got married, it was actually very easy- part of our form was a checkbox about changing names,

I wonder if it couldn't just be that easy for everyone, and if we shouldn't have it as part of our culture.

Trans people already have this preferred name/deadname framework, but I realize that maybe suggesting this is somehow co-opting something that trans people go through out of necessity...


I think that people should be able to change their own names if they like, easily, but I don't want to be insensitive to the fact that the reason trans people do it is because it's a necessity, not because it's a means of self-expression, but because it's a need as being seen as their gender.

I worry that the idea is somehow insensitive- that's why I asked!


I'm sorry but I don't understand at all.

How can a standard legal procedure be insensitive to a group that happily uses that procedure?
I mean even if it was, what would give any group ownership over someone's name or at least the exclusive right to deny people the choice of their name?

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