Richard #RMS Stallman announces:

"I'm now on the Free Software Foundation board of directors once again. [...] some of you will be happy with this and some might be disappointed, but ... in any case that's how it is and I am not planning to resign a second time"

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More than disappointed, I think this shows what the FSF's values are, that they have taken this step without addressing the reasons that he was asked to resign.

Nor did RMS address it. It's very sad.

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I also want to make it clear I don't think it needed to be this way. RMS could have taken an action or made a statement like:

"I'm aware that some of my past actions and words have hurt people. I want to apologize to the people I've hurt and tell them that I hear you, and I want to improve. I'm going to be doing a lot more to help this process and make the Free Software community more inclusive. The FSF has brought me back on and I"m grateful that."

@emacsen How does one have a relationship with a broken person that one has decided to keep in one's life? On the one hand, one has to accept the person as they are without making change a condition of the relationship. But on the other hand, very clear and firm boundaries are required which are different from case to case. It's hard and I always seem to fuck it up.

Stallman could never ever write what you just wrote. He is what he is, it's a package deal. We have to do that sort of contextualization ourselves. Or we have to stop using the eggs.


My point is that I think there was still room for RMS in the Free Software community and even in the FSF, if that came with a lot of soul searching and hard work.

Without that, then the FSF's actions are entirely inappropriate and, in my view, show the organization to be deeply problematic.

It hurts me to say that. The FSF has been disappointing in terms of how little they accomplish, but this is something else.

@emacsen @3rik @fsfe @fsfe this is very disappointing. The FSF is showing that being faithful to their tradition of RMS cult is more important than being trustworthy and a positive force. The simple appearance of RMS at LibrePlanet with their usual show is disgusting

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