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I thought Heart was/is a Canadian band, but no, they're from Seattle.

That explains why they're not one of the 7 or so bands on rotation on Canadian radio.

music, canpol (sorta) 

@emacsen I wonder what are these 7 groups. I can only recall Crash Test Dummies and Arcane Fire.

Also I'm so happy that I found The Rest from Hamilton, Ontario, these guys rock!

music, canpol (sorta) 

@efftoyz Barenaked Ladies, Alanis Morrisette, Rush, Michal Buble, Avril Lavigne


music, canpol (sorta) 


Oh and apparently Peaches, but I've never heard her on the radio (shockingly!)

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music, canpol (sorta) 

@emacsen oh, I remember one more: Brian Adams.

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