I've been thinking about the things that I spend time doing that I don't currently have automated, and a big one of them is banking- paying bills, transferring funds to accounts, etc.

And that's really because none of the retail banks I know of offer that. If they did, that would be a real game changer.

@emacsen I believe most do. The options are likely hidden though. I'd check online and if you have no luck, ask your teller. I think you may be surprised.


I'd be absolutely shocked if this was the case either in the US or Canada, but I'd be flabbergasted if there was a public API for this that was documented.

If you want to share what bank you use with me over PM and you know they can do things like bill pay or wire transfers, I'd seriously switch.

@emacsen Oh no, not like a programming API that you can interact with, but you can for example schedule that every last day of the month, to automatically e-transfer a certain amount to a certain recipient, or to move a certain amount from one bank account into another automatically if possible. You have to arrange this with your bank. The basics should come as a hidden option online but you may need to talk to your teller for more creative requests.



I've been thinking about all my tasks lately and how I can automate them. Right now, I have three banks that I interact with on a regular basis (that is more than twice a month).

My current process for working with the banks is a real pain in the butt, and I spend hours a week going on websites, clicking in one window, checking invoices in another, documenting my checks in a third, etc.

I want to be able to simply issue a single command and for the right thing to happen.

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@emacsen That I unfortunately can't really help with. You can schedule automatic money transfers, but that's pretty much it. An API would be too cool.

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