I've been thinking about the things that I spend time doing that I don't currently have automated, and a big one of them is banking- paying bills, transferring funds to accounts, etc.

And that's really because none of the retail banks I know of offer that. If they did, that would be a real game changer.



Yup, and the two concepts dovetail nicely.

The problem I have with plain text accounting is that it is descriptive and then requires a second action, rather than what I'd like, which is for one process to control both the plain text file but also initiate real work.

So if I tell the computer to pay the electricity bill in the amount of $234.56 then that gets recorded in my accounting file, and at the same time, the bank is told to make the payment.

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Yeah, programmatic finance, banking APIs or protocols, etc. The obvious hurdle is primarily security across networks.

Perhaps then you might be interested in the @spritelyproject, which is trying to solve distributed finance amongst other problems, using Object-capability theory.

@torresjrjr @spritelyproject

I don't think there's a need for security across networks. If I can take an action through the web interface, there's no reason it couldn't be through an API.

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