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One thing I've learned recently is that the Canadian COVID numbers may be somewhat artificially lower than in the US due to the way they're counted.

In New York at least, testing is]widespread, both antigen and PCR testing. People are encouraged to be tested regularly even if they show no symptoms.

In BC, only people who are symptomatic are asked to be tested. Even if you're been exposed, you are asked not to get tested unless you feel sick.


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Many people get COVID-19 and are show no or only mild symptoms, and they won't be caught in the BC testing regime.

This means the Canadian COVID numbers are going to be somewhat less accurate than the US ones. How much is very hard to quantify...

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@emacsen These recommendations differ from province to province. It'a also the reason why I try to focus on the mortality rate than the number of active cases.

There's actually a lot of things that bias the active case numbers sadly, especially in Alberta where our own health minister blew a rather quiet wistle indicating that there may be certaon political things going on that may influence active case numbers.

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@emacsen I'd imagine there are differences between states (and between counties in one state) as large as those between BC and NY. I'm not saying there isn't an overall pattern, I'm just leery of extrapolating from New York (or from North Dakota).

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Except that New York and Canada are comparable. New York State has 80% the population and approximately the game GDP as Canada.

If I lived in California, I could say that both the population and GDP were larger than Canada....

So for these kinds of comparisons, New York works just fine.

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