Could someone please tell the cat to stop sitting on my phone? I really need to call the pharmacy. 🙄 #cats


You seem to have the same issue my fiancee does with my cats, which is not wanting to move them.

My solution is so much simpler... "It's okay to move the cat. The cat wouldn't think twice if it was in your position, and the cat won't be resentful if you move it gently. It's a cat."

I used to have a 135lbs German Shepard, who stood 5'10 on his hind legs. I was a a child and the dog was bigger than me. I never thought twice about moving the dog if necessary.



I may be projecting, because in my fiancee's case, she literally will go without moving the cat for hours to let it sleep, or whatever.

I love my cats, but I'm 100% okay moving them, even if it wakes them up. :)

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