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Trying to come up with a very Canadian meal that encapsulates the entire country.

I guess a Japadog served alongside a veal sandwich, a poutine and a DeDutch Pannekoeken drowning in maple syrup with a cup of coffee from Timmies.

And no not Molsons, because it's not 1979 ;)

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canada, humor 

@emacsen I'd be tempted to include "donair" in there too, since it's pretty universally popular.

canada, humor 


Good call. Never had it.

I was trolling a bit, but also we could say pretty much any American fast food, but with a maple leaf hidden somewhere on the logo.

canada, humor 

@emacsen Haha, yeah...sigh.
A "square hamburger" from Wendy's might be the most-Canadian fast-food?
It's also funny how different other countries' ideas of what's "Canadian" is. Like "buffalo" burgers and "just add maple syrup to <normal food>" ;)

canada, humor 


Donair. Can't forget a donair.

Ginger fried beef too maybe.

And a Caesar to drink with it.

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