I'm so incredibly hurt, scared, and angry.

This election makes me think about 2000, about the way that the Democrats told the people that if we just shut up and got in line, we'd win, only now the stakes are that much bigger.

The Democrats ran a nothing campaign, like they did in 2016, with a candidate who stands for the status quo, where all our excitement was about getting "the other guy out" and building collations and it looks like we're likely going to lose, again....




This race shouldn't be close. These margins shouldn't be close.

The Democrats told the progressive wing of the party to fall in line and they have, and yet again we lose to the greater of two evils.

I'm watching a documentary about Ralph Nader, a man I (indirectly) worked for in my youth, and I see how little has changed other than how much more terrible things got under Trump than I thought they could get.

If you haven't seen An Unreasonable Man, you should.

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@emacsen Indeed. Ignorance to history is one of the biggest risks to the US as a country.

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