I'm so incredibly hurt, scared, and angry.

This election makes me think about 2000, about the way that the Democrats told the people that if we just shut up and got in line, we'd win, only now the stakes are that much bigger.

The Democrats ran a nothing campaign, like they did in 2016, with a candidate who stands for the status quo, where all our excitement was about getting "the other guy out" and building collations and it looks like we're likely going to lose, again....


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This race shouldn't be close. These margins shouldn't be close.

The Democrats told the progressive wing of the party to fall in line and they have, and yet again we lose to the greater of two evils.

I'm watching a documentary about Ralph Nader, a man I (indirectly) worked for in my youth, and I see how little has changed other than how much more terrible things got under Trump than I thought they could get.

If you haven't seen An Unreasonable Man, you should.


Oh and did I say it reminded me of 2000.

I should have said it also reminded me of 2004- of how united we were to defeat Bush and then Bush won.

And how in 2016, Clinton ran a nothing campaign against Trump, where she stood for nothing because "Trump will be worse" and yes he was worse, but we lost.

"We're less bad than the other guy" doesn't work! And the Democrats know it doesn't work because they keep doing it.


@emacsen Indeed. Ignorance to history is one of the biggest risks to the US as a country.


@emacsen It worked in France. That's how we got a centrist president instead of a far-right one.



Did it work?

I'm not even talking about all the recent protests and violence, I'm talking about the fact that many minorities in France feel unsafe. Record numbers of Jews have been leaving France the last few years.

I myself (a French Jew) can't see myself returning to France any time soon.

And the tensions around Muslims and French society seem very difficult.


@emacsen I wrote that it worked, meaning that every mainstream media called on voting-against, and that's what the people did. There was no "that was close!" moment.

Excuse me but I can't discuss French politics more because they make me more anxious than I need to be right now. 🙇


I wouldn't call macron centrist though. Not as crazy as lepen, but still pretty far-right imho.

Besides, FN keeps on growing either way, I'm very anxious for the next elections here in France.


@rupicapra I don't want to hijack the uspol cw. Still, I'm pretty sure we're gonna get "misc divided-left candidates" vs "Macron" vs "right-wing candidate" (but really, Macron already is this person) vs "Le Pen".

The only surprise is who gets to face "Le Pen" before she loses again.


@oz I didn't want to hijack this oops!

@emacsen I wish you strength in these troubling times, it is sad to see so many people voting for trump after the past 4 years and it is even sadder how the current system does everything so it can maintain the current elite. Then again, the fight never really was over.


@emacsen If the democrats actually cared about winning, they'd have nominated Sanders.

But keeping the status quo is more important to them than winning, even if it comes at the risk of moving the US further in the direction of straight-up fascism.

It's sad and outrageous at the same time… :/

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