tired: a comprehensive copyright and patent law reform that only a lawyer could love

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@xj9 Okay but what about people who make a living doing art? Abolishing copyright will absolutely destroy the arts industry, only the rich other otherwise employed will make art.

R&D will die and the quality of many goods will plummet. Bad idea.

@clacke @xj9 Without artists do you even have an industry tho?

The only solution is insane levels of #DRM, which nobody wants

@realcaseyrollins @xj9 The question is whether you would have artists without an industry and the answer is yes, for thousands of years we did.


The truth is that you're both correct but in different ways.

Art that takes an enormous upfront expenditure, like a blockbuster summer superhero movie can't easily be made without restrictions that copyright affords.

On the other hand, those same distributors have a commercial interest in selecting material that they prefer.

It's very similar to FLOSS software differs from proprietary software.

The funding model effects what kind of work is produced.

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@emacsen @clacke @realcaseyrollins

The sad fact is, even for the big budget works, most of the money is made off well before the 95 years for corporate works for hire has passed, and a great deal of stuff was made under the older term (70 years, I think? 50 after death of the author for non wfh?)

The whole thing has gotten way out of control.

@emacsen @clacke @realcaseyrollins

The current copyright regime has political cover too by independent artists with modest incomes from small but steady markets. They don't want to get ripped off, either, and they provide rank-and-file support for the system.

@emacsen @clacke @realcaseyrollins

The common saying is that artists should get paid for their work. That they deserve to get paid.


@emacsen @clacke @realcaseyrollins

Artists deserve to live, same as anyone else. To have their needs met. That's basic human rights.

It's as wrong that they have to scrape & scramble to get by as much as it is wrong that anyone else has to, in a world that can support us all.

If other people like what you do and want to make sure you can keep doing it, then sure. They should pay you. Not because you're an "artist," but because you're doing something people want to support.

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