Why do so few email clients support bounce? It's so incredibly useful!

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@emacsen in the client? Seems if it got to the client it by definition did not bounce?

@eludom @eludom

Bounce is a command that is "Re-send this message to a new destination-. It's also called remail and redirect, apparently.

I am finding surprisingly little about it. I first encountered it in Pine, then VM, then Mutt. There's a plugin for Thunderbird, apparently, but it seems few people know about it!

I think Gnus has both a resend and an edit-and-then-resend command.

@emacsen @AbbieNormal notmuch-emacs interface (my current mail clinet) supports it "b" bound to notmuch-show-resend-message). Pretty sure GNUS, which I used for about a decade, supported it.

Just trying to figure out why/when you would bounce/resend as opposed to forward.

@emacsen @eludom @AbbieNormal doesn't bounce try to resend the message with the original sender intact? Modern anti-spam measures will complain.

@humberto @eludom @AbbieNormal

Do you have any evidence on the anti-spam measures? Because by that logic, BCC won't work either and I've never encountered any issues with BCC or Bounce

@emacsen @eludom @AbbieNormal No, just wondering why clients don't support bouncing. I installed mailredirect in my thunderbird, and it seems to work fine. I do see SPF Softfails, but the emails arrive fine. I used to bounce emails into our helpdesk all the time, but clients no longer provide the option.

@humberto @eludom @AbbieNormal

I wonder if you're not seeing something else concurrently.

The envelope header will be the actual sender, and that doesn't need to match the body sender.


May well be. I'm glad to see bounces working in thunderbird again, thanks for the nudge.

@emacsen Found this in the description of the mailredirect plugin for Thunderbird: "Not all email providers support redirection of messages. Most notably Microsoft does not support it at the moment, probably as a measure against SPAM. I think they do this in error, and also reported this to Microsoft, but unfortunately they haven't changed their policy yet"

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