My 13 year old coffee maker has starter producing this plastic kind of odor and taste. I've replaced it and oddly have a similar though lessened problem with newer model. I'm experimenting hoping to resolve.


@hammerron These baristas are getting younger and younger.

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@emacsen This is at home..I'd love my own personal barista (but would want one old than 13 years in that case). The Mr Coffee machine did serve me well!

@hammerron In the past I used a Toddy Coffee maker but now a days I use an Aeropress and can't really imagine making coffee any other way, unless I wanted to drink a *lot* of coffee.

@emacsen Good news is My Coffee was good today..but it's complicated. We have a slight drought here so town water might have done it. Used bottled water today. Also, the first cleaning on a new machine might not have been enough. Couple more days testing should resolve things.

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